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Globally Recognized Gold Standard Laser Hair Removal Technology

LightSheer is clinically documented and proven to deliver results, and effectively treats the broadest patient population. The system safely treats all skin types (Fitzpatrick I–VI), including tanned skin. High power and unique output control enable treatment of nearly any hair diameter or hair colour.With thousands of units in the field, LightSheer has become the most popular photo epilation system in the world. Its superior safety and effectiveness have been proven in extensive clinical trials and long-term clinical practice.

In addition to documentation of clinical efficacy with hair removal and permanent hair reduction, the LightSheer is also FDA cleared for the treatment of pseudo folliculitis barbae (PFB), benign pigmented lesions, and leg veins.

Who is a good Candidate?
Both men and women can be treated. Laser works best on dark hair and fair skin, those with darker skin tone can also be effectively treated. Laser doesn't work on blonde, grey, white and red hair.

What should I do before Laser Hair Removal treatment?
We advise to avoid sun exposure few weeks before treatment. You have to stop waxing, threading, tweezing, bleaching unwanted hair 4 weeks prior to laser treatment. Shaving or trimming is best way to manage the hair in between treatments.

What should I do after Laser Hair Removal treatment?
We strongly recommend avoiding sun exposure for at least 3 weeks post treatment. To protect the area being treated from additional heat which can irritate the skin we suggest eliminating hot baths/saunas and heavy exercise for 24-48hrs. It is important to protect the skin with SPF 30 +.

Is it painful?
Most of our clients describe the feeling to snapping rubber band against the skin or pinching. Patented Chill Tip provides continuous contact cooling of the epidermis for maximal patient safety and comfort during a treatment, minimizing skin irritation that other methods can cause. Our clients say that laser treatments compare to waxing has very little discomfort.

How many treatments will I need?
Hair grows in continuous cycles. Hair can only be destroyed in the active stage of the growth phase (Anagen). Repeated sessions are required. The number of sessions depends on skin type, thickness, hair colour and the growth cycle.  An average client' needs 6-8 treatments to get optimum results however, some individuals achieve results sooner, whilst others might need more. If you suffer from a hormonal imbalance you may require ongoing treatments. Every client will expect different results, an average you will reach maximum hair loss of 80-95%. Remaining hair will be lighter in colour and soft.

How long do I have to wait in between treatments?
In general the waiting time in between laser treatments is 4-5 weeks for face/neck area and 6-8+ weeks for areas below the neck.

Lasers vs IPL's (what is the difference)
We only use genuine FDA medical grade lasers in our clinic. Safety of our clients and results are our top priorities. Clients are often confused in understanding difference between IPL (Intense Pulse Light Machines) and Laser systems. Both systems are used in permanent hair reduction. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and it is not a Laser. IPL systems produce a broad spectrum of wavelengths which cannot be focused to a single beam. Therefore the penetration is shallow in comparison to lasers. IPL systems are less suitable to treat darker skin type individuals due to the fact that some of the light emitted during the treatment can be absorbed in surrounding tissue creating a risk of possible burns.

Advantages of Lasers vs IPL
  • Lasers have proven to provide more effective results in shorter period of time as opposed to IPL
  • Lasers are more expensive than IPL systems, due to the more advanced technology contained.
  • Lasers are safe to use on all skin types, including dark skins (Fitzpatrick scale IV-VI skin type) which are more prone to side effects such us burns or hyperpigmentation.
  • Lasers are more precise, especially when treating small areas

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