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I struggled with sun damage and acne scaring for couple of years, I thought I will never be able to get rid of my brown spots & blemishes. I had a course of peels at Revive in Worcester. Thank you for clearing my skin.

I have had 5 laser hair removal sessions done on my back with Kathy. I am almost hair free ! I have done a lot of research around the area, and have gone to different clinics for consultations. Kathy made me feel very comfortable and explained everything in thoroughly putting me in ease. Very professional and relaxed in the same time environment.
Peter Cheletenham (04/2018)

Just want to say a big thank you to Kathy for bringing my confidence back. I have PCOS and due to that condition I have been struggling with facial hair for last 5 years. I used to shave my face every day, and cover my skin with make up trying to hide the black shadow. I have completed this year a course of laser hair removal treatment at Revive, and I am literally hair free. My skin is smooth and I don’t have to worry putting foundation anymore. Thank you for changing my life. Highly recommend Kathy and her clinic to anyone.
Charlotte J. Quedgeley, Gloucestershire

I have been Revive regular client for few years now. The services and treatments Kasha is offering are second to none. She always steps an extra mile to make clients feel comfortable. As always I am happy to try any of the latest treatments she offers. I had recently eDeramastamp , and as she explained the result will start to show gradually. I can already see a massive improvement especially in my skin tone and lines being smoother around my lips, which was always my big concern. Can’t wait for my next session.
Sam AbbeyMead (05/2018)

I have had Laser Hair Removal treatments at Revive Skin & Laser. I have very dark and thick hair. Shaving over the years worsen my skin condition. My bikini line was always my problematic area, I always struggled with ingrown hair and rushes after shaving for couple of days. I had so far 4 laser sessions and at least 70% of hair reduction so far ! My skin condition has improved a lot as well. Thank you for making me feel confident and getting rid of my hair.
Maria G.H. – Gloucester

I received GeneO 4in1 facial treatment at Revive. It’s incredible that I could see the results straight away. Love the smoothness and glowy look and best of all, it feels plumper. Great value and excellent service. Many thanks.
Laura Anna T. (07/2018)

I am 52 years old. My main concerns was saggy, old looking skin with slight sun damage. I had 4 Emerge treatments and Glycolic Peel after.I did consider Botox for my crow’s feet before, and I am so happy I haven’t gone into that route. After completing a full course of treatments my fine lines are literally gone. I am no longer embarrassed to wear v neck tops as my chest looks firmer and has more even skin tone. My family and friends have been complementing my skin looking youthful.
I am so happy with the results. Highly recommend Revive to others. Money well spend!
Tracey (Malvern) (05/2017)

Kathy is the best! She is ethical, honest and definitely knows her stuff. I had 6 laser hair removal sessions with a nurse in another clinic that promised me I will be hair free after. I wasn’t seen great results. I doubt I had genuine laser treatments previously. I have had only 2 treatments so far with Kathy and noticed already a massive improvement. I wish I had gone to her sooner. Thank you!
Kirsty, Droitwich

It was my first time going for any beauty treatment, I went to the clinic to sort out my pores and the spots under my skin on my face. After Kathy looked at my skin she suggested a skin Resurfacer. Her prices are very good and she makes sure you're informed of what the treatment process is.
Friendly and professional, she cares about giving clients the best treatments for them and explains the science behind it as well. It's clear she has a lot of experience and she offers a fully comprehensive service.
I will be returning for further treatments.
Fiona, Worcester (02/2017)

Kasia is a fantastic skin specialist. I had few Oxy-GeneO treatments to improve my skin texture and tone. Perfect treatment for those with sensitive skins. My skin never felt so hydrated and smooth. I also had Laser Treatment for broken capillaries around the nose area. My skin has improved a lot since I started received treatments at Revive. I would highly recommend her to others.
Bogusia Kucharska-Hogkins, Bishops Cleeve

I have had the problem of ingrown hair on my neck, which was made worse by shaving. Also had hair on my shoulders which was quite embarrassing. I went previously for IPL treatment which proved useless. Kasha at Revive explained why true lasers make such a difference. After several sessions my problem went away. I am very happy with the results.
Revive Skin and Laser in Worcester made for a very pleasant experience for me. The knowledge and experience Kasha displayed was remarkable. The customer service was superior, pure information supported by studies, not the usual hard sale other places do. The equipment being used at Revive Skin and Laser is top of the class, and I mean worldwide. I am very happy with Kasha's service, and I am only recommending her to my family and friends.
Paul - Evesham

I have attended revive for many laser sessions over the past couple of years and even indulged in some of her other treatments including a face peel and derma pen. Always friendly and a genuine pleasure to visit. Her prices are extremely competitive. If you're in the west Midlands and looking for beauty treatment, you need look no further.
Absolutely fantastic service provided by Kasia each time I visit for various treatments. She goes well out of her way to provide a friendly service in a warm and relaxing environment. If you are interested in any of the types of services provided at Revive, I highly recommend Kasia without another thought. Her services are second to none.
Danielle, Worcester (09/2016)

I came to Revive Skin and Laser Centre for laser hair removal (face and legs) and for chemical and enzyme peels to treat hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage and to reduce my large, blocked pores. Kathy was very thorough in my initial consultation, in which she examined my skin and hair carefully and explained the various treatment options available, giving me a full picture of the benefits and precautions (such as having to wear sun screen) associated with each. She was also very honest when she said that the laser hair removal and the use of peels to shrink and decongest my pores would be effective after a few treatments, but that reducing hyperpigmentation would be more a more gradual process. After six treatments, my pores are much, much finer and don't clog up, my skin is much clearer and most of my hair has gone.The hyperpigmentation is gradually fading and Kathy has also recommended products that have stopped it getting worse, which it had been. Kathy's prices are reasonable in comparison to other clinics in the area and she also has a loyalty card which gives you a free treatment after a number of sessions!
I was very pleased with the results of my treatment and it is clear that Kathy is highly qualified and very knowledgeable. I am a biologist and I felt that I was in safe hands. There were also occasions on which I would have happily paid for more treatments, but Kathy told me when it would be more effective to have them later, saving me money. She also takes a real interest in her clients and I enjoyed my sessions with her.
Cheryl, Worcester

I researched for a while to find the right place that wasn't going to rip me off like some places did in the past. Kasja is genuinely concerned about your progress during treatments. She truly loves what she does. It puts you at ease knowing that you are treated by highly educated and experienced therapist. The prices are very reasonable and my results are amazing! I'm looking forward to getting additional body parts lasered!

I have been provided with a realistic treatment outcome and reasonable price. Very friendly staff and clean environment made me feel comfortable.
Sophie J.H. (Tewksbury)

I have had spent a lot of money on treatments and products that supposed to fade my pigmentation spots on my face, which I have gotten after my 2nd child birth. I thought there is no hope for me and I will always need to cover my face with makeup. Every beauty salon I went to was offering me same treatments I have had previously which I knew it wouldn't eliminate the problem. I am so pleased I have finally found a clinic that went beyond my expectations and offered me a treatment that actually works. I am so happy and impressed!
Julie G.

It's nice to be treated where they are knowledgeable, professional, and of course reasonably priced. The place is clean, comfortable and quiet.
Hazel H.

I have had rosacea for over 15 years and as a guy I can't cover redness with make-up. I have had some laser treatments which helped a lot with underlying redness. Thank you for being able to make me feel more confident with my appearance. You will always have my highest recommendations.
Rob S.

I have suffered with acne for many years. I have tried everything from expensive products, had facials, other treatments and nothing really worked for me. After few treatments specifically tailored for my skin at Revive clinic I saw a significant difference and now have only few breakouts. I highly recommend Revive for anyone seeking for results. Most important treatments and products they use are effective.

I visited Revive Skin and Laser centre last month where I was treated with professionalism throughout the treatment and follow up care advice. Only negative comment is that there is no one sat at reception which added a little confusion on arrival. All in all, would recommend and I am very pleased with the results. Thank you.
Mike W.

I am delighted with the results. Money well spent. I highly recommend Revive to my friends and family.
Sarah H.

I have tried so many treatments and spent a lot of money throughout the years, Kasha has been amazing at transforming my acne scars, and being a young adult who suffers with bad skin it's made me feel a lot more confident. From the first treatment my skin felt brilliant and is now better than ever. I am still having treatments as the prices are very good. I highly recommend Revive services to others.
Wendy K.

I want to thank you for your excellent care and great results. My skin feels tighter and looks much younger with more even skin tone. Love Dermapen already after 1 treatment you can see a difference. Wow!
Samantha S.

I am Asian and I had bad experience in the past in beauty salons where they claimed they use lasers and they didn't. I have wasted so much money and had no results, what's worse end up with burn marks on my neck after IPL. My friend recommended Revive clinic in Worcester, she had treatments with Kasha. I had 3 sessions so far and I am blown away with results. I can see massive patches already. I can't wait to have other parts of my body done. Thank you so much!
Emma W.

Revive is one of the most professional and truthful clinics in this area. I wouldn't trust anyone else to treat my face. I had 5 laser hair removal treatments and have literally no hair on my neck and chin area. It was worth it spending every single penny. A big thank you to Kasha, who had made this all work for me.
Aisha (Birmingham)

I'm delighted to say what an amazing place.., I've had consultations from many places in regards to my laser hair removal but found myself not trusting anyone but Kasia, due to the knowledgeable and professionalism that I found within the company alongside the hygiene which was at a brilliant standard convinced me to have my treatments from there. Very reliable and perfection is how I describe my experience.. Thank you so much, I'm just so happy that I found u!
Mindi Panesar

I am over the moon with the results from my laser hair reduction treatments at re.vive. I could not have asked for a more welcoming, understanding and friendly skin and laser centre to have my treatments. The laser hair treatments most definitely work and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to get rid of problem hair, I could notice the results after my first few sessions. Thank You.
Sue Ann (Hereford)

Kasha is very informative and professional. Very happy client!

My brown spots are gone. Highly recommend laser treatments at Re-vive. Money well spend.
Pauline K.M.

I've only had 2 sessions so far, but the results I've seen are dramatic after my laser hair removal. It makes life easier not having to shave all the time.
Natalia J.

I have been recommended by my friend that have had laser hair removal treatments done at Revive and achieved great results. I wasted money before on IPL not even knowing that it wasn't laser at other salon I used to go locally. I have been suffering with ingrown hair for years and nothing worked. Just after 3 treatments I can see a massive difference and my skin looks so much better. Thank you Kasha, you made me feel confident again. Highly recommend this salon to anybody looking for results and professionalism!
Samira H. (B'ham)

Kasha Piotrowska put me at ease straight away, from the first consultation and for subsequent appointments. I was never rushed and felt in more than capable hands. At the end of the treatment I felt extremely satisfied with the results. I would recommend Kasha to my family and friends.

U Kasi poddałam się zabiegowi usuwania włosów i musze powiedzieć, że jestem w szoku! Wcześniej miałam takie zabiegi i bez skutku a teraz włoski zostały CAŁKOWICIE USUNIĘTE! Nigdy więcej golenia!! Dziękuję bardzo za profesjonalną obsługę i za extra piękne paszki i bikini! Teraz mogę śmigać na basen i plażę kiedy tylko chcę! :-)

Absolutely fantastic service provided by Kasia each time I visit for various treatments. She goes well out of her way to provide a friendly service in a warm and relaxing environment. If you are interested in any of the types of services provided at Revive, I highly recommend Kasia without another thought. Her services are without doubt, second to none.

Serdecznie polecam zabiegi laserowego usuwania owłosienia jak i te z uzyciem "kwasów" na twarz. skóra staje się bardziej napięta i oczyszczona! polecam! I would recommend laser hair removal treatments as well as those with the use of "acid" on the face. the skin becomes firmer and cleansed!!!!!!!!!! Check It Out!

I'm absolutely thrilled to find this clinic in Worcester! Kasia is both welcoming, friendly and professional and I can't recommend the treatments highly enough. Simply excellent.
Ally S.

Professional, helpful, caring and providing fantastic value for money treatments. Thank you 
Bogusia (Cheltenham)

It's been nearly 3 weeks since my first Emerge laser treatment for sun damage on my skin, and I have to say that just after the first session I can already see a massive improvement. My skin looks much clearer and I don't need to use concealer. Can't wait to have another session. Money well spent, and I get a Free Peel as well. Big thank You.
Sussie (Glouster)

I had 4 laser hair removal sessions on my underarms and bikini line, and I can't believe how much hair is already gone. I love the fact that I don't need to shave every day. Definitely would recommend to others. I have to say it's addictive as I am already thinking of having my legs done for the summer.
Hayley J.

I would like to say thank you for sorting my skin out. I had really bad hyperpigmentation and blemishes all over my skin, and until I found Revive I just wasted money previously on treatments that didn't work at all. I had 3 treatments with their new laser, and I am blown away with the results. Thank you for bringing my confidence back. It was worth it every penny to have that done. Highly recommend to everybody suffering with similar problem. What's even better my line around the eyes have disappeared. Love my skin! I had so many complements from my family and friends.
Julie - Churchdown

I have tried laser hair removal using Philips home base device, I have given up after 8 months. I couldn't notice any difference at all and found it really painful. A friend of mine had a full course of laser hair removal at Revive in Worcester and I was shock how great her results were. I have decided to give a try myself, and I am absolutely thrilled how much hair I have lost just after one treatment. Best thing I have 3rd area free of charge! Anybody wanting to get rid of the hair I highly recommend Kathy from Revive. Very happy client
Paula (Cheltenham)

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