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Revive Skin and Laser Clinic has been established over 11 years ago. Here at Revive Clinic we offer our clients the most advanced technology treatments to enhance their natural beauty and wellbeing. Comfort, safety, and full satisfaction of our clients is what matters to us most. 

Our clinic is fully insured and licensed. We pride ourselves holding specific laser qualifications higher and above the basic manufacturer training to ensure our clients are in safe hands. We are keeping ourselves up to date with standards in the applications of laser and light-based technologies.


Clinic Owner/Laser Specialist BA (Hons) / VTCT Level 4 Qualified in Laser and IPL Treatments/ AASC / ITEC Dipl.

Aesthetics and laser therapy has been a part of Kasha’s life for a long time. Having been through her own skin struggles with pigmentation, Kasha has always been dedicated to learning as much as she can about skin. Starting out with passion for taking care of her own skin, she is discovered how rewarding is to share her expertise, simple tips to finally reach that skin goal. She has now many years of experience in laser and skin care industry and has successfully treated vast number of clients with wide range of skin conditions.

Are you nervous about treatments?

Kasha believes that her clients deserve best, safest, and most clinically effective treat-ments, each time. Therefore, she collaborates with best aesthetics manufactures, offering state of art technology treatments. Her goal is to improve her client’s lives by helping them clearing acne, pigmentation, clear healthy-looking skin or leaving their skin smooth and hair free.

All our laser/IPL clinicians have received training directly from Lynton Specialists, which is developed in partnership with the University of Manchester. Lynton originate from this world-leading institute of higher education and continue to work in close collaboration with the Department of Physics on the development of specialist laser training courses. This means you can be assured that the treatment you have with us here at Revive Skin and Laser Centre is being delivered by Clinicians who have received the UK’s best hand-on and theory-based training available.

equipment we use...

Here at Revive Skin and Laser Centre, we invest heavily in the equipment we use to treat our clients, ensuring only the safest and most clinically effective treatments, each and every time. This ethos helped when deciding on our laser/IPL provider, Lynton – a specialist aesthetic technologies manufacturer made up of the largest team of UK-based doctors, scientists & aestheticians. 

With over 25 years’ experience in pioneering medical-grade devices for a broad range of cosmetic concerns, Lynton are experts in designing aesthetic technology that delivers fantastic clinical results. Alongside their premium equipment, Lynton also provide all their customers (us) with comprehensive theory and practical based training – this ensures all practitioners have the in-depth clinical knowledge needed to treat clients safely whilst still achieving outstanding results! 

Another reason we use Lynton as our preferred laser/IPL supplier is because of the multiple awards they have won for the quality, safety and clinical results achievable with their equipment – this provides us with the reassurance that we are only using the best devices possible for our clients. Lynton recently won the industry’s most sought-after award for ‘Best Manufacturer in the UK 2019’ at the Aesthetic Awards, an achievement we found to be very impressive!