Global Eyecon Treatment

A professional treatment with global action for the eye area: it corrects wrinkles, under-eye bags and circles, sagging and pigmentation in the periocular area. Combining peel sessions with transepidermal sessions for a more potent and effective solution of fighting signs of aging and fatigue in the eye contour.


Skin Rejuvenation




30-45 Minutes




From £65

eye rejuvenation

The treatment works to correct multiple eye contour blemishes such as: 

• Expression lines and wrinkles 

• Under-eye bags 

• Under eye circles 

• Drooping upper eye lids

The eye contour is a particularly sensitive area that has differentiated anatomical characteristics, which explains why the treatment must be specific:

• Skin around the eye is 5 times thinner.

• Lymphatic drainage is complex and very sensitive to external and internal factors.

• It is a highly vascular area, with many vessels and small capillaries.

• 22 underlying periorbital muscles in continuous use.

A programme of six sessions is recommended over six weeks. The periocular peel should be performed first with the transepidermal treatment being performed the following week.

No, the treatment should be performed one eye at a time with the maximum application time of 3 minutes. Up to three layers of the peel, one over the other ‘multilayers’ can be performed within the three minutes.

The periocular solution should be delivered using the micro needling pen at a 0.25mm in depth.

We do recommend use of the micro needling pen to perform the transepidermal sessions, however these can alternatively be performed with other micro needling devices use as a roller or ultrasound, cavitation, or iontophoresis treatments.

Yes. The peel is safe to use on all skin types and phototypes.

The regular use of specific home treatments is recommended, which allow to enhance and maintain the results obtained after any professional treatment.

Energy C Eye Contour | UNDER-EYE CIRCLES Energising treatment for the eye contour that prevents and fights the appearance of expression lines and reduces the signs of tiredness. 

Collagen 360 Eye Contour | WRINKLES AND FLACCIDITY Anti-ageing treatment for the eye contour that reduces wrinkles and expression lines and improves turgidity. 

Radiance DNA Eye Contour | WRINKLES, UNDER-EYE CIRCLES AND BAGS Global antiaging treatment for the eye contour that corrects wrinkles and reduces under-eye bags and circles. 

Ultimate W+ Spot Eraser | PIGMENTATION Depigmentation treatment that acts lightening the skin pigmentation tone in localised areas. Applicator that facilitates local use.