Mesopeels By Mesoestetic

A chemical peel is a dermocosmetic procedure designed to cause accelerated, controlled skin regeneration.

Benefits of Mesopeel:

Each unique formula allows the chemical exfoliants to act at various depths giving the practitioner the flexibility to design bespoke treatments. The action of the peel on skin tissue enhances the removal of external layers to stimulate collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycan production, also improving the physiological and mechanical properties.

  • Minimising open pores
  • Improve skin texture and complexion.
  • Anti-ageing, reduce lines & wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity.
  • Even out skin tone, provide healthy looking skin, reducing blemishes appearance.
  • Lightens and reducing skin hyperpigmentation.
  • Prevents acne breakouts, reduces scaring.


Chemical peels can be classified at 4 levels, depending on the depth of action, which is also correlated to the nature and severity of the lesions to be treated.

Very superficial

Superficial stratum corneum Provides uniformity to the skin tone and a brighter appearance.


Stimulates epidermal growth by removal of the stratum corneum. Produces a shedding similar to that caused by the excess of sun.


Produces significant shedding, inducing inflammation in the superficial dermis. Removes the epidermis completely, which is renewed to complete regeneration.


It causes an inflammatory response of the reticular dermis, inducing reconstruction of collagen and elastin fibres.

Home maintenance


The prescription of home performance renewal treatments for 15 days before the peel (one daily application at night) will optimise the therapeutic response, preparing the skin and minimising possible adverse reactions. Glycorepair for normal and mixed skin, resurfacing peel booster for oily, acne-prone, seborrhoeic skin, with hyperkeratosis and with signs of chrono-aging and brightening peel booster for skin with hyperpigmentations, irregular tone, imperfections and signs of photoaging


During the peel process: Apply the post-procedure fast skin repair cream twice a day (morning and night) or every time it is necessary. After the peel process: If the skin condition allows for it, it is recommended to restart application of glycorepair, resurfacing peel booster or brightening peel booster to prolong cell stimulation.

Post-treatment advice

In the 48 hours following the treatment session, the patient should avoid direct, excessive exposure to sunlight or artificial light, heat sources or going to saunas or swimming pools


Daily use of a high photoprotection is essential. Sun protection spf should be reapplied on the skin several times a day based on sun exposure.


Recommended number of sessions: 4 to 6 sessions with minimum intervals of 2 weeks

Maintenance sessions: 1 session 4 times a year



acne or oily skin



Modified Jessner