Skin Peels are a perfect solution for those wanting a fresher, healthier, and younger looking skin with long lasting results that can transform your life.


There are various types of peels used to treat wide range of skin conditions such as: acne, pigmentation, scaring, wrinkles, and lines, and for those wanting to get rid of dull, tired looking skin. From gentle Exfoliators, Resurfacers to stronger Peels which vary in their strength and function they are carefully selected by your therapist to tackle your skin concern.

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Exfoliators – are gentle treatments, that help to remove top layer of the skin, without causing downtime. 

Resurfacers – Resurfacers have no, to little recovery time and can address several concerns and desires using enzymes and acids, which diligently work to refine and exfoliate. 

Chemical peels – will exfoliate and address a wide variety of concerns, yet they can penetrate beyond the stratum corneum and into the mid to lower sections of epidermis where resurfacing treatments or with mechanical cannot reach. 

Chemical Peels are classified as superficial, medium, and deep depending on the depth they penetrate into the skin. The type of peel chosen will be determined by the concern to be treated. The deeper the concern, the deeper the peel needs to penetrate into the skin.

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Skin Peels can be offered to most skin types, ages, and needs, making it a perfect solution for ongoing maintenance of the skin, for targeted treatment of specific skin conditions such as: acne, pigmentation, dehydrated skin, or ageing concerns. Your practitioner will determine during a consultation if you are a good candidate to have a skin peel.

Skin Peels can take from 45min – 60min, including pre and post treatment skin preparation. Time will vary depending on type of peel being provided.

You should avoid any potentially irritating skincare products at least 3 days prior to your treatment. You should then avoid intensive UV exposure and artificial exposure for at least 2 weeks after your procedure. It is important that you use a high-level broad spectrum UVB|UVA sun protectant daily during this period, even in winter and on cloudy days.

DermaQuest Skin Peels are generally applied more than once for best results. The minimum number of treatments tends to be 2-3 sessions. This allows treating condi-tions in deeper layers of the skin. More severe problems, such as acne scarring or deep wrinkles, may require more treatments to get best results. Your therapist will tailor a treatment plan specifically for you and determine how many treatments you need and how often.

DermaQuest Resurfacers can be performed in a series of 6 treatments, scheduled 1-2 weeks apart, and twice a year. Chemical peels, can be performed in a series of 3 treatments, scheduled 3-4 weeks apart, one or two times a year.